Combining virtual resources, MEAN WELL seamlessly integrates into the post-epidemic era at Taitronics 2020


“Having good intentions, caring about our partners, providing the power of stability, and assisting industry recovery, We Are Ready," the MEAN WELL team advocated at the booth.
As the time approached at 2 o'clock, the crowd gradually gathered to the MEAN WELL booth. At 2 pm on 10/21, the first product launch event of this year kicked off. The audience stayed close to each other, looking for the best position, and the audience started to swarm in the live stream on YouTube. MEAN WELL Marketing Manager Yvonne Chen introduced the concept of the exhibition at Taitronics 2020: based on the high-voltage direct current (DC) centralized power supply, MEAN WELL is proudly to present the "DC House" that integrates multiple IoT smart controls. The eye-catching innovative ideas not only the result of MEAN WELL's years of experience in the power supply but also the non-stop innovation of the product manager and R&D teamwork. Following, product managers introduce key features of the new product: the intelligent dimming LED driver LCM/PWM series combined with the multinational Bluetooth modules, and the HRP-N Series with 200% high peak function, fanless UHP/HEP/PHP series, etc. If you want to know the features of the new products, please visit MEAN WELL virtual exhibition. 


To assist the overall industry recovery, MEAN WELL launched a "3% The Industry Recovery / Stimulation Plan",which started from Taiwan to the world, and calls on all distributors and direct customers to join. As a global corporate citizen, MEAN WELL Group has envisioned becoming“a pioneer in the standard power supply industry”, and deeply believed that power supply is not the end product, but rather power supply orders heavily rely on the equipment needs of the final system design. Enterprises cannot survive alone but must think of others and need to team up both upstream and downstream supply chains to boost our “industry recovery”. Normal operations and normal life can only be resumed after the industry’s overall revival.

The outbreak of the epidemic has led to the rapid development of digital marketing in a short period of time. This trade show was a live stream on the YouTube channel simultaneously. Check out to find out more!

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